Flambeau 355 NG gas fire help

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    I have recently moved house and have a gas fire in the living room that is deactivated. I called the local gas safe fitter to give me advice about whether or not it could be reactivated. He told me that he had deactivated it as he couldnt find any information about the fire or a manufactures label, with the information he needs. With the help of the local fireplace shop I have located the manufactures label and identified the fire as a Flambeau 355 NG remote. I understand that this company no longer trades. However, I would really like to find a user manual for this fire to ensure that the pebbles are in the correct locations and that everything else is where it should before having it reactivated. I have searched the internet to the best of my ablity and called all of the local shops but to no avail.

    So this is my last attempt before giving up and replacing the fire, does anyone here have access to a Flambeau 355 NG manual?


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