Flat roof replacement

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    Hi all

    So we have a nice leak coming from our flat roof - seems like it’s been going on a while and noticed yesterday when a small drip started coming through the light shade in our back bedroom. Only a very small drip about once every few seconds and had currently stopped.

    Long story short emergency plumbers identified it’s the flat roof but we are still waiting for an emergency repair out our home insurance can’t find anyone.

    What I’m hoping to find out is what I can be expected to fork out for this to be replaced, if we have to pay ourselves and claim back. We only bought the house 2 weeks ago so no history to go on. Eering on the side of caution I’d say it’s 18ft by 10ft (probably smaller) for our half (shared with a neighbour).

    I just wanted to know if we are talking thousands here really, I’m not expecting anything more than ball park!


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    Depends on what you want to replace it with - GRP is best but more £££s than standard. £2k???

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