Flexi Tap Connector Question

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by PTFE, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. PTFE

    PTFE Member

    I've been fitting a bathroom today and the basin mixer tap came supplied with 2 of 10mm flexi tap connectors, the type that fit into the monoblock with the threaded end and onto a 15mm pipe at the other.
    Except: the tail end doesn't have the normal compression fitting, it has what looks like another standard type tap connector, it even has a black rubber washer in it.

    I tried - without success - to get a seal onto a 15mm compression fitting (15mm iso valve).
    I phoned a mate who said that he had come across them before but couldn't remember what he's done to solve it, but thought that he'd probably just gone back to the merchants and changed them.

    Does anyone know how to get a seal on them to save me a journey? I'm going back to finish the job tomorrow morning and the merchants is in the opposite direction.

    I have a feeling that I might need one of these but may as well just change them for the standard ones if I'm at the merchants.


  2. Spyder

    Spyder New Member

    One of those should work fine.
    The flexys are intended to fit directly onto a ball-o-fix although critics on this site will criticise! I've never had a problem though.
  3. PTFE

    PTFE Member

    Cheers Spyder, I thought as much. Strange that, although I was trying to fit them to ball-o-fix's both leaked above the nut, where the braid is crimped. It didn't matter how much I nipped them up neither would have it!

    Off to the merchants it is then!


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