Floating Desk between two walls

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  1. 90Ninety

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    I am planning a DIY project; creating a floating shelf in a small room , that will span the width of two walls - like an alcove - 190cm .I looked for cheap wood surfaces but found a undrilled timber door ( with oak veneer ) to be a perfect size , size is 189 cm x 64 x 8cm .

    I am debating on creating a frame of timber with a centre piece , screwing the frame to the three surrounding walls , then screw the worktop ( door ) on top (See attachment Alcove floating shelf ).- or alternatively using brackets - . If the frame is most advisable , how many centre supports will it need to prevent this from sagging .
    I am concerned somewhat concerned the frame will impede on knee space and the timber frame may be too thick . I also wanted to leave a a small gap at the back to allow to run cables from/ to the floor , the frame would need gaps for this .

    Alternatively also thinking just use 2-3 large metal porch / heavy shelf brackets and sitting the wood directly on top

    Any pointers appreciated

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    Does that help?

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    Have you worked out how much water is required to float the desk?
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    Would have thought a frame supporting 3 sides would be sufficient. You could also put a bracket coming out to support centre if it needs it. My only other thought would be to push right to back wall and cut a notch out (or drill an access hole through) for cables etc rather than not push it all the way back against the wall. Will look better that way surely.
  5. Mr Rusty

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    It is a fair width, and is likely to sag across the front edge. I would batten round the wall to support the three sides. Couple of other alternatives for the front edge:-

    get some square steel tube and mount under the front edge a little bit set back. or.
    get some chrome table legs.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hartleys-8...s=chrome+legs&qid=1575556476&s=kitchen&sr=1-4

    you can also get a cable tidy for passing cables through - also available in different finishes

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