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    a client of mine has bought a lump of old reclaimed pine that weighs an absolute ton.dimensions are, length 2300mm,
    width(front to back)220mmm,depth(top to bottom)75mm.unfortunatly they cut the piece of wood before knowing the measurement between the walls where it was going to sit as a shelf.now its 60mm to short either end.i was thinking about using floating shelf fixings to secure it to the wall as standard brackets will not take the weight i dont think.
    any ideas on where or how much i can get floating wall fixings.
    i live in brighton so local knowledge would obviously be a winner but any help would be gratefully accepted.


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    Here is my reply from another forum, if you drill cleaance holes 2/3rds the depth of the shelf for the studs that will do. If fixing to masonary you can get studding(threaded rod) and resin from SF

    "Fitted a couple of floating shelves today, the principal is the same just use a few more fixings:


    The shelves were laminated from 12mm oak veneered MDF with a layer of 12mm MR MDF in the ctr, just right for the 12mm bars. The bit of CLS in the background was drilled on the drill press to use as a jig to get the holes square & level. 4No 12mm black mild steel rods(cheaper than studding), diamond core drill for tiles and 31/64th drill gave a better fit than my 12mm lip & spur drill


    Studs were placed in the correct position when I built the wall, so just drilled the tile & studs and set the bars with a drop of gripfill. Did manage to hit a drywall screw :(


    Finished shelves, Will post the whole bathroom/ bedroom/dressing room when its all done but if you want a look (big pics not resized yet)


  3. big all

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    another possible solution

    couple of heavy battons of the same wood 2" by 4" by the depth of the shelve 220mm
    chamfer the bottom edge, 22mm rebate in the top for the full shelf to sit in with about 5mm of the batton showing above the ends off the shelve also chamferd

    you could also hide the screws

    just an idea

    big all
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    You could possibly use a French Cleat to fix it to the wall. You bevel cut a piece of material the length of the floating shelf. I piece fixed to the wall the other to the back of the shelf. Gravity holds the beveled pieces locked together.

    I have probably not explained this too well.

    Otherwise the Nut & Bolt Store Portland road Hove might be the place to look for metal bars and resin. I think they have a web site under namrick.co.uk

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    Have a look at this site : * and scroll down to BR230 Shelf Support.


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    This will solve all your problems!

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