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    I'm installing a whirlpool bath in the bathroom in a relatively new build (built within last 5 years), brick exterior, timber internal framing and metal web joists spanning the first floor.

    The bath is 1800mm x 1100mm with a fill load of 290 litres

    The area that the bath is going has a stud wall close (about 1200mm from outer timber frame) and 2 joists cross the wall, the 3'rd joist has a span of about 2400mm and 4'th (double joist) 4400mm

    What, if any work would I need to do to reinforce the area, was 22mm T&G chipboard but is being replaced with ply

    I intend to build a frame that the bath will sit on that will span the whole length of the 4 joists as the bath needs to stand about 125mm high than it stands now (disabled use hoist)
    and it will have a changing area across the whole way across the wall at the end of the bath

    I've attached a layout plan of the area

    Thanks in advanced!


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  2. chippie244

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    If your loading is correct it weighs about the same as 3 fat blokes and you might put another fat bloke in it so not a problem.
  3. H3xc0d3

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    290KG is the water (I know that body mass will reduce this), not including the bath itself or the weight of 2 adults (say 200KG to be safe)
  4. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    Oh dear.
  5. H3xc0d3

    H3xc0d3 Member

    Not the sort of reply I was hoping for:/ maybe I should have posted in the plumbers forum

    Thanks anyway Chippie
  6. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    Or paid more attention at school.
  7. H3xc0d3

    H3xc0d3 Member

    Ok, care to point out my mistake for me please

    1 litre is around 1KG so 290 litres is 290KG, 2 people with a average weight 100KG (more lightly to be about 75KG each but the extra to be safe), I know that the water would be displaced by the people and the bath would never have the full 290 water load, thats why I'm asking for help rarther than just asuming that everything would be fine.
  8. chippie244

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    If you want to explain how the dimensions you have given match up to the loadings you have stated I might talk Archimedes with you.
  9. joinerjohn1

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    Ahh good old Archimedes. The master of bath mathematics... "Eureka." :p:p:p:p
  10. H3xc0d3

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    Well if I knew what I was talking about when it comes to loads and dimensions I wouldn't be asking the lovely people on here about it would I
  11. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    Then don't get stroppy when we try to give you advice!
  12. H3xc0d3

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    I'm not stroppy and apologise if I have come across that way, I welcome your advice Chippy
  13. chippie244

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    You should be fine :)
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  14. chippie244

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    You're welcome.
  15. H3xc0d3

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    Did think it would be ok but wanted to be sure, if the worst came to worst I was thinking of building a supporting wall under the 3'rd joist (wasted area in kitchen), wouldn't want the bath ending up in kitchen while I was helping the wife wash her hair.

    Thanks for the help Chippy

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