Floor joists required for garage conversion?

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    Hi all,

    Quick Q regarding the flooring for a garage conversion.

    The garage has a concrete floor, im planning on insulating the floor, walls and roof, however im curious around the requirement for floor joists.

    i will be laying a DPM down ontop of the concrete, my Q is whether i should just put Celotex butted and taped together on top of this, or should i create floor joists and lay the celotex between them? I will be chipboarding and then laminating on top of this, but just curious on peoples opinions on the requirements of floor joists?

    my thoughts are because i will chipboard i will need the joists, but open to suggestions...?
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    Bear in mind that a garage floor usually has a slope to it so you may need furring strips.
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    That's fur enough
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