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    I'm putting this in the Builders Talk because I can't think of where else to put it.
    I am adding an upstairs bedroom and bathroom in a really old (1818) house in France. There is what estate agents would call "a wealth of exposed beams" in the living room downstairs that really need to stay exposed, i.e. not hidden behind a plasterboard ceiling.
    On top of these original beams (joists) is a pine plank floor, which is in excellent condition, and looks good from the downstairs too.
    I would like to lay a floor for the two new upstairs rooms with some good quality sound insulation so the people in the living room downstairs don't hear everything that is going on in the bedroom and bathroom above them (and vice versa).
    For the bedroom I'm thinking of a floating engineered click together plank floor with the sound insulation underneath it.
    For the bathroom I'd like tiles on the floor so it'll have to be original floor planks, then sound insulation, then tiling base (e.g. ply or chipboard), then the tiles.
    Ideally both floors would have the same finished floor height.
    Does anyone know of what sound insulation products would work best?
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    Acoustic mineral wool works well. Then ply then an acoustic mat, depending on how ‘soundproof’ you want it. Ideally you need to isolate the solid components, so the path from tiles/engineered floor, through joists will still be a sound transmission path. By using the mat it will raise your floor up by 10mm but do a much better job.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I think I've found what I'm looking for in a product available locally in France made by Fermacell. It seems to be what other people in the area are using to good effect in similar situations to mine.
    I'm not needing it to be soundproof ... just reducing the sound transmission between the floors is good enough for me.
    It's pretty expensive stuff, so it better do all it cracks itself up to be!

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