Floor tile grout removed to what depth?

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    I have a bathroom with black floor tiles and grey grout. Over time, some constant use areas near the bath/sink zone have developed fine hairline cracks in the grout and caused brown water stains. Most of the tiled area still looks good and I'd like to repair just the affected grout lines. I've scraped out the bad grout lines to about half the depth of the tiles but even at that depth there are one or two residual patches of brown. Three questions!
    Can I re-grout over those patches or should I 'dig' down to the substrate and make sure it's all clean?
    Is there some treatment I should apply before re-grouting?
    Can I feather the new grout in to the existing clean grout or should I aim to butt the new grout up to a hard defined edge. Many thanks
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    Thanks hk. I managed to scrap out most of the grout with a hand scraper which took a bit of time but got the job done. I think I'm very close to the substrate in a few places where the old grout still looks damp but I'll have to start regretting next week whatever.

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