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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by stevee, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. stevee

    stevee New Member

    eveing all,
    I have a problem with a tiled wooden floor.

    Tiled it two weeks ago, customer is complaining that tiles are moving and grout cracking.
    I used uni-bond wood floor adhesive etc etc.

    is there anything better if so what.
    the tiles are sandstone coloured whats the best grout
  2. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    What was the existing floor ? chipboard, T&G softwood or SE softwood. and what are the joist cts?

    Did you overboard with ply or aquapanel? or just straight onto the existing.

    What size and material are the tiles? ceramic, porcelain, natural stone.

    How long did you allow the (pre mixed?) adhesive to go off?

    Let us know the above then will be able to advise better and ves there are much better products than pre-mixed "tile wooden floors"

  3. cheltonian

    cheltonian New Member

  4. newey

    newey New Member

    stevee, just listen to jasonb or mudster, they are the pro's of tiling

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