Floorboards over a Concrete floor!

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    Can anyone help, I want to put wooden floorboards (T&G)over a slightly uneven concrete floor the maximum height I can go due to doors frames etc is 45mm to the top of the floorboards. I was hoping to put battens down so I can run cables in between rather than chasing the concrete floor.

    Not sure if I need to lay a membrane, how to level the concrete floor, size of battens and how to fix them I prefer screws.

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    I laid 20mm t&g boards directly onto concrete floor over laminate underlay, pinning and glueing all boards, timber needs to dry in room for at least two weeks prior to laying and any warped boards discarded.
    You need to level floor [5mm screed?] then you could screw 12mm sheet to floor leaving gaps where cables run and then glue and pin you boards to this.?
  3. We would recommend laying down a membrane first to stop damp etc getting to the timbers.

    The method already mentioned about using 12mm ply works fine but we would rather batten out the floor with some 47x25 sawn or PSE so there can be some kind of air flow around the timbers. We would recommend laying these down at 400mm centres and fixing them at least 600mm centres with plugs & screws. You will then be able to fix the boards down with a porta nailer.

    On the subject about levelling the floor get some floor levelling compound from any good merchant and use that to get a good base.

    Hope that helps

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    check out audis` posts you`ll find something there.
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    Pretty much all been said.
    Allways use dpm on concrete is costs buttons.
    Plying is better than battens.
    If it is a finished wood blind nail, if unfinished you can face nail.
    18mm ply leaves you plenty of space for your 45mm clearance.
    Why worry about the frames just undercut them.
    Subloor doesn't have to be perfectly level as your ply will reduce the uneveness and make it very gradual.
    Yep acclimatise for a couple of weeks before you fit.
    Cables would be better if you can get them all around the perimiter, leaving the ply short of the wall.
    This would be easier if you ever had to change them, you would only have to remove the skirting/beading.
    I take it you are talking about sky/speaker/telephone/speaker etc cables.
    If you cross the floor with cables you will have an entry/exit point for them, these points can wear over time causing the cable to fail and to need replacing.

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