Flooring nightmare.

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Gregg57, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Gregg57

    Gregg57 New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm stripping back some old floorboards in a larger terrace and struggling basically. The boards are fastened down with wedge shaped masonry style nails, there's some kind of possibly tar based black paint here and there, and to top things off, there's maybe 1000 or more small nails punched into it in seemingly random areas at a density of 10 per sq inch in the bad parts.

    There's perhaps 4mm worth of material to take off for most of the room. What I've done is:
    • Punch the round nails or pull them as best I can
    • Hammer down the wedge nails
    • Drum sand the floor with 24g paper (had to stop because hidden nails were killing the paper every 5 minutes or less).
    • Hand plane where the round nails aren't so bad
    • Belt sand with zirconia where they're kinda bad
    • Use a strip disc on an angle grinder where they are bad
    This is "working", but it's slow going, been at this now for a week and wondering if there's something I'm missing. I've ordered some cibo ceramic flap discs in the hope it'll speed things up some but thought I could use some input in case I'm missing a trick. Cheers.

    Floor3.JPG Floo2.JPG Floor1.JPG
  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Fxxk that for a game of soldiers, carpet would be going back down, though what you've done so far looks good. Try one of these combined with carpenters pincers.


    The small tacks are probably from sheets of hardboard being nailed down years ago to attempt to flatten the floor.
  3. Gregg57

    Gregg57 New Member

    Yeah, I wish I'd never started but I said I'd do it so taking it as a learning experience. I do have one of those claw bars or something very similar, been using vise grips but the pliers look like they'd get under the head better so thanks for that Jord. I wasn't really expecting a magic wand, just have to get on with it won't I? I'll post updates here and there as I progress with it. Glad you had an idea about the tacks, I assumed someone with a nailgun had taken some funny stuff and entertained themselves for an hour - completely baffled.
  4. fred812

    fred812 Active Member

    I had similar on some ply that had been put over floorboards, looked like somebody had been having a game.
  5. Decorator Dan

    Decorator Dan New Member

    Did a similar thing a few years ago & remember wishing I’d never started it! Took ages. The gaps in between the boards although small can be draughty. A handy tip I learned was to save some of the dust created by sanding the floorboards, mix it with PVA until quite firm & apply to the gaps with a filling knife. This seals the gaps between the boards & will be the same colour. Worked really well for me.
    Good luck with this project, have patience!
  6. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    You could paint the floorboards then they wouldn't need as much prep. My son did this (very non diy type) and it turned out much better than I feared.

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