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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by RobinB, May 9, 2020.

  1. RobinB

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    We have just laid some engineered wood flooring (5g glueless) by floating it over a concrete base, with some 5mm underlay.

    The base was pretty terrible in terms of it being uneven, so we had a guy come and self level it in 2 lots. The floor still wasn't perfect but the guy said it should be okay.

    After the self levelling was done, I applied a liquid dpm in prep for the laying of the flooring.

    To be honest, wish we hadn't listened to the guy as since laying the floor, there's a fair amount of bounce.

    I know I should probably wait a bit longer to see if the floor settles but I feel like the base is the problem.

    If it doesn't settle and as the flooring is glueless, I am seriously considering taking it back up, lifting the underlay and then trying to level the remaining problem spots.

    The question is, what sort of stuff should I look to use to patch the uneven spots, rather than try and level the whole floor again?

    Also, I understand that I'd need to use sand to get it to bond to the floor as there's a liquid dpm in place?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. G Roo

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    firstly did you follow the manufacturers instructions and leave the packs in the room for the recommended time before you laid it. Assuming you did then before you tear it all up again, a survey of what you have at the moment would be the first thing to do. Stretch a string line across the room over the suspect areas. Slide a flooring offcut under the line at each end. Now walking over any suspect areas and using a third offcut you can see how much the floor deflects. then check against manufacturers recommendation and then you can decide what to do. Best of luck
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  3. RobinB

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    Hi. Thanks for this.

    Yeah, we had indeed acclimatised the boards.

    Getting an idea of the deflection ia a good start and fortunately as the boards aren't the glued type, I think we can do it without damaging them.

    Still not certain if there is a specific type of self levelling screed for patches of uneven sub floor that we should use though?
  4. G Roo

    G Roo Member

    I think you misunderstood... Survey the floor deflection with the boards still down
  5. RobinB

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    Nope. Not a misunderstanding. I was just adding that should I find that I need to, I can take the boards up to fix the floor, without damaging the them.

    Although I thank you for pointing out how to check for deflection, there will likely come a point where I will need to take the boards up and fix the areas of identified deflection...So I refer back to my original question around which is the correct type of levelling screed to use to patch areas, rather than just level the whole floor again.

    Also, taking into consideration the fact the floor has a liquid dpm.

  6. G Roo

    G Roo Member

    Survey first to identify what the problem is.. patch repair possible with liquid screed over the DPM in the problem areas. Probably not the best solution but you have a DPM which will serve its purpose so why disturb it?
  7. G Roo

    G Roo Member

    if you decide the only option is to take it up then I recommend you survey the floor again once it's all up to get a clear picture of what you have to do. Should be alright are not the words I would want to hear if I've paid someone to level a floor.

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