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    I am renovating a kitchen and looking into flooring at the moment. The question i have is with so many options what do i pick. Tiles, lvt, or vinyl or any suggestions welcome. The floor surface is tongue and groove boards at the moment.
  2. DIYDave.

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    Take a look at both Karndean and Amtico flooring

    Basically plastic tiles or planks (but high tech of course), available in a huge range of colours, styles, sizes, and everything in-between

    We've got Amtico throughout the downstairs of the house and was laid by an Amtico approved supplier. Ok, it isn't cheap but its bomb proof !
    Also comes with a 20 year wear guarantee when fitted by an approved supplier/fitter

    Likely that your floorboards would be checked for any significant damage and loose boards secured
    5mm flooring ply fixed to boards
    Self levelling compound poured
    Then after a light sand and check over the levelling compound, any slight defects are filled with a feathering compound
    Finally flooring is glued down, edges, door frames, rad pipes, etc, all trimmed to size
    (This is how our floors were prepared)

    7 years later still looks brilliant. Yes it can get the odd scratch, usual suspect is a piece of gravel stuck on your shoe
    Where this usually goes through the coloured layer of laminate flooring, the Amtico has a clear 'wear layer' which protects the colour, 'wood grain' effect underneath and is mega tough. So just the wear layer suffers a scratch which isn't that noticeable. Door mats at all external doors, felt pads under all furniture and a shoes off policy (perhaps)

    Being plastic, no problems in bathrooms and kitchen. Sweep and mop to clean, wont stain, lovely

    Or Quick-Step Livyn Vinyl (Hate it when companies spell words wrong to appear to be hip, trendy and 'street'. Just call your product Quick-Step Living. nobody will mind) :)
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    Thanks i will look into both didnt relise the amount of options
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    Andy, for very high quality vinyl planks at a seriously good price, consider Forbo Allura - this knocks Karndean in to next week. Costs less too.


    Get a sample at least so's you can compare.

    This will need preparation over your T&G boards, of course, but it is superb material. Sis-in-law had her whole downstairs done with a natural raw oak plank (tile, around 1.7mm thick, I think) and it looks stunning. When I was comparing it with a 'similar' plank from Karndean, I realised that the surface grain texture on the Allura actually matched the wood pattern below - that was a 'wow'. It is also pretty much indestructible, having been designed primarily for commercial locations such as shop floors.

    It's fab.

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