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  1. Paul Jakes

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    Hi Sorry if this is a long post but I want to get this right.

    I recently bought my council flat and last week the boiler was inspected the engineer then declared it
    ID and capped the gas. On the fail notice he wrote 'cross ventilation'

    The boiler is a floor standing open flue type situated in a cupboard.

    The flue goes to the flat roof. It is not completely visible for inspection purposes.
    The ventilation was updated in 2006 bby a British Gas engineer who put a low and high vent in the cupboard door and a vent in the front door (the cupboard is in the hallway).

    For the next 6 years the boiler was inspected every year and passed with no AR's or advisories.
    I have always intended to replace the boiler within the next 3 months for an wall mounted combi boiler.
    But now I have no hearting or hot water.
    When I spoke to the engineer he told me that the flue was not visible for all its length and that recent regs meant it had to be.
    He also stated that on the roof the air duct and exhaust flue vent were too close together but the air
    duct from the roof was sealed of 6 years ago when the larger vents were installed.

    Should I call out another Gas Safe engineer? Or has there been recent changes to flue regs which made my boiler ID. Thanks in advance.
  2. meady

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    Where abouts are you located???
  3. Paul Jakes

    Paul Jakes New Member

    London ..Brixton
  4. elefantman

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    Why is there no access to the terminal ?, I'd want to be asking gas safe to have a look at the job and the previous plumbers, I'm assuming it was spilling products of combustion due thermal inversion, it may well fall into a ridor situation , I'd be shutting it off too to be honest

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