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Discussion in 'Sport Talk' started by diymostthings, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    Having got rather bored with the few games I have watched (I'm not a footie fan) - I began to wonder what the circular mark around the centre was for and for that matter the half circle near the goals. Do they have any significance in the rules of the game?

    Thanks for any enlightenment!

  2. Phil the Paver

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    The centre circle is there for two reasons, one being the two players that are in the team kicking off are the only two players allowed in there and if the game goes to a penalty shoot out, all of the players who are not involved with the penalty being taken have to be inside it, except the other goalkeeper who can stand to one side.

    The arc on the goal box (18 yrd box) is a penalty arc, if a penalty is given during a game, no player can stand in the 18 yrd box or the penalty arc, the arc being there to allow the player taking the penalty room to run up a kick the ball from a 45° angle either from the left or right hand side of square.
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  3. tom.plum

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    so whats offside mean??
  4. Phil the Paver

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    ask your wife. :)
  5. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that Phil - makes sense!
  6. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    This is where an attacking side player kicks the ball forwards towards one of his own team but that latter team member has no opposing team member between him and the goalkeeper at the moment the ball was kicked towards him. (I think!)

  7. Phil the Paver

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    Yes that's right, but there is an exception, if the player receiving the ball is in his own half at the time, then there is no offside so he can carry on with play
  8. unphased

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    But, if a defender plays the ball back to the player who would ordinarily be offside he won't be. As happened in the England v. Uruguay match when Gerrard back headed to Suarez.
  9. candoabitofmoststuff

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    The "Penalty arc", as it's called, and the "Centre Circle", are both markers to indicate 10 yards from the relevant mark...
    At the kick off, (or restart of second half, or after a goal), all players of the other side must be at least 10 yards away from the ball... the circle is to indicate the distance...

    Similarly, when a penalty is being taken, all players, (both sides!), apart from the penalty taker and the goalkeeper, must be;
    Behind the ball,
    Outside the penalty area
    At least 10 yards away... the circle is to indicate the distance.

    None of the other players are allowed to infringe any of the 3 conditions until the ball has been kicked. This is something that's not policed quite as stickly as it probably should be!


  10. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Screwfix Select

    Also... being a bit of a pedant... there is no reference to the "goalkeeper" in the offside law!
    There is reference to "two opponents", and in practice this usually means the goalie and one other, but it doesn't have to be... it can be two "outfield" players keeping a player onside.

    Being in an "offside position" is easily defined...

    Being in the opponents half
    Being in front of the ball
    NOT having at least two opponents at least as close to the opponent's goal line.

    Whether a free kick should be given isn't quite as simple!


  11. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    I suppose another exception would be if the player passing the ball actually scores a goal with the pass (i.e. a "shot") without the offside player being involved?

  12. the1jock

    the1jock Member

    When 2 attackers have broken away and have only the goaly to beat one attacker passes to the other why is the second player not offside as he is after the last player when the ball is passed to him.
  13. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    He would be offside, unless they brought the ball from their own half.
  14. simsybloke

    simsybloke Member

    The second player is not offside if he is behind the ball when the ball is passed to him.

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