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    So I'm just wanting some feedback here on what methods are best for wooden shed/outbuilding foundations?
    I've seen many different methods:
    • In a paved area, laying the timber floor frame down and levelling it with wood block "stilts" then placing supporting blocks under the frame once level.
    • on soil, digging holes and concreting in posts or metal rebar brackets and attaching frame to that
    • Laying a full concrete foundation

    I've used a few different methods in the past, but I'm just wondering what the best approach is in either situation (soil ground, paved ground)?

    I watched a youtube channel last night where the guy specialised in "garden rooms" (fancy sheds basically) and he bought a thick guage threaded bar and concreted them in the ground, threaded nuts down the bar to a certain level and levelled it by drilling holes in the floor joists, slotting them over the threaded bar and adjusting the nuts to get the whole base level. Looked great but wondering if it's something anyone else has adopted in the past? It was a decent sized structure, 6m x 3m I think but he didnt use a concrete foundation and this is what confuses me, I figured something that size would be exactly the instance you would do that!

    I guess I just want to know what everyone's thoughts are on the matter, bearing in mind durability and quality, making sure the base is protected from weather and durable for years to come. I'm not interested in the "cheapest" methods as in botching it to make life easier, I want to offer my customers the best service and quality possible without going way over the top! For example laying a full concrete foundation for a tiny shed...

    Would the same method you use also apply to decking too?

    I like to find a method and stick to it and be resolute in my work rather than wonder if theres a better way forward. Plus, if I'm not fully confident in the work I do then theres something wrong there! I take pride in my work and only want the best for the customers I work for, so let's hear it!

    Thanks guys,

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