Fracture in Garage wall to be repaired - Bristol area

Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by cm7160, Sep 26, 2021.

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    I am looking from someone in the Bristol area (BS11) to fix a fracture in a garage wall. The wall is of block construction, rendered inside and out and the fracture is stepped along the lines of the blockwork, at the worst part is approximately 15mm wide. I have thought this may require some sort of crack stitching.

    I have no idea if I am looking for a bricklayer, renderer, stone mason, general builder or a specialist for this work.

    All guidance appreciated and If anyone is interested in quoting for this please contact me via this forum.

    Garage 1.png Garage 2.png
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    If its just your garage wall i.e. not part of a 2 storey, you just need a handyman to infill and point it up. It looks like your foundations are sinking and if they have stopped the above should be enough, if not then report back in 2 years and we can talk about underpinning.
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