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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by big_bad_bob, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    I'm refurbishing a small shower room which will have a completely waterproofed and tiled floor with a concealed tray - wetroom style. Because the room is small and will also contain a toilet and basin, the shower area will be screened off by a frameless glass door to contain the spray. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced supplier of frameless shower doors? I'm looking at an overall width of around 900 mm, with a small fixed section. UK manufacturers seem to be charging in the region of 1.5-2 grand for one of these. I found this make on the web (link below) which is made in the Czech Republic. It is a lot cheaper, but maybe there is a reason for this....

    (It's the 2-part door I'm interested in, but the effect I want to achieve is illustrated on the 3-part door)

    Talk to these people, I get glass made bespoke for the installations I do.

    The last job was a fixed panel with stainless hinges and a 400mm "door" attatched to the end.

    A matching bath panel, all in 10mm safetly glass with the bath panel acid etched.

    All that was £800 ish....
  3. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    Thanks Mudster - if they can come up with a price like that for me it will be perfect. I've asked them for a quote.

    I notice they have the Royal Warrant. Nice to know I'll be in good company!
  4. mj

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    Daryl, minima range would suit your needs, Great warranty & back up service. 900mm door should come in at under £1000
  5. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    Thanks for the tip mj. I'm still waiting for Preedy to get back to me with a price, but Daryl have a distributor not too far from me, so I can check one out.
  6. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    Great tip, Mudster! Preedy have quoted me just under 500 quid for the door in 8mm TSG, which is a great price (another bespoke manufacturer quoted me 1700.....).

    What type of hinge do you normally use? The shower tray will be level with the rest of the floor, and I notice some manusfacturers offer a rising butt style of hinge, so the door lifts clear of the floor as it opens (but I guess it could slam shut if you're not careful). The guy I spoke to said the hinges would be standard 'snap-shut', so I guess the door will have to 'float' a few mms above the floor, with a flexible sealing strip to allow if to move smoothly across the floor when opened??
  7. Preedy has a sister company called Prefit, if you look on their website you can download a PDF brochure of what hinges are available. Like you suggest, I'd get the glass cut 12mm short and have a clear flexible strip on the bottom edge.

    Preedy are a commercial supplier, it's companies like this that produce the glass for the shower firm, so you've effectively cut out a layer of mark up and get a bespoke item for less than an off the shelf piece. Often far batter quality.

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