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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Raakers, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Raakers

    Raakers New Member

    Do you know any good computer software?
    Is free software better or is non-free software better ?
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    For what purpose?
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  3. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    I use Linux mint as a operating system.. Os. Easy to install either along side Microsoft (dual boot) or as I do run as main os... I don't use Microsoft Windows... It has a store / software centre built in with loads of programs like on android or mac app store.. All free. Find old pc and try it..
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  4. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Active Member


    And so does my 86 year old mum.

  5. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    I sense an injection of spam at some point!
  6. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Look at Spam Bully, highly rated,not sure if it's free.
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  7. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

  8. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Ubuntu is good and mint is Ubuntu but its designed to work out the box.. From the off. Full office suite and codecs are all installed. The idea is that your mother could run without asking questions or missing software. I got wiped out with a virus in 2009 ish so I jumped to Linux. If only people knew how easy it it is to install and run for free but that's all gone what with smartphones ect which is a version of Linux anyway. Well android is
  9. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    good call
  10. Raakers

    Raakers New Member

    It is a new computer (Windows 10 64 bit),and i am a writer,and i often edit articles and write on my phone and computer.
    I want to install some software that will help me with my work,and manage documents,files and other data on the computer.
  11. Raakers

    Raakers New Member

    I am using Windows 10 as a operating system.
  12. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

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  13. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Dual boot then and you will have all the free software you want
  14. DIM Tips

    DIM Tips New Member

    Personally I use Dropbox to transfer files between computer and phone. But I mainly review files. Microsoft one drive and office 365 allow you to do this too but have not used personally so can't comment. However, it is a £5.99 a month subscription for one pc, one tablet and one phone. With this you can edit documents.
  15. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    I use Dropbox and the software available within Linux software centre. Also use Google keep. Keepass2android password manger as uses all the drives to keep data base in. Brilliant free app and simple to use. As for windows free ware Gimp photo editor. Libre office suite or something simple like abi word will do most people. Windows defender. Vlc video and music player are just a few you can use for free
  16. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    As a writer then, shurely you just use the best software for the job ? regardless of if it's free or paid for.
    I'll give you an example, i fit kitchens and sometimes design and sell them. There are loads of freeware kitchen design programs, all of which are very very basic and do nothing to aid in the sale of a kitchen. If i was a DIY'er looking to design my own kitchen most of the freeware progs would fit the bill.
    If though i want to sell a kitchen and add the "wow" factor to a customer that makes them think "this guy is the real deal", i simply use Articad. I use it because it is simply THE best kitchen design software. It costs an arm and leg......................but it get's sales and that's what it's all about.
    If you write for a living, then do the same, use the best software there is in your field of work. If it turns out to be free, then fine. But if you have to pay for it, then just cough and reap the benefits.
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  17. Muzungu

    Muzungu Active Member

    Openoffice for Windows. It's free.
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  18. Zac Paul Farrington

    Zac Paul Farrington New Member

    After years of looking the best I've found is FaultFixers. Been really impressed with their software and service, it's changed my life.
    Not free but I get hours back every week and have one place to manage my whole business.
    Worth a look
  19. sospan

    sospan Well-Known Member

    And now the spam has arrived .....
  20. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Active Member

    If that's a reference to the OpenOffice link... That's not spam... that's a genuine FREE very good office suite.

    If it's a reference to something else I stand corrected!

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