French Trench install not French drain?

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  1. Hi all

    A while back damproofers cut the concrete surface that meets the external wall of my house to form a trench. I have since been educated on the damproof industry and the efficacy of their trades. This was apparently done to stop pooling water against the wall. This seems sensible as the concrete as relatively flat with little fall. They dug down roughly 250mm and filled the trench with pebbles. From my research this is not a French drain as it does not flow to a formal soakaway - it is just a way of preventing pooling water from sitting against the brickwork. Is this a sound and safe method? Also, I plan to remove the pebbles and put a non woven liner in to separate the soil (mostly clay) and pebbles and to prevent weed growth. Please let me know if this is worth doing in your experience?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Just posting a picture to see if anyone can assist on this matter. Thanks.

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    if there is a drain near by, you could install a perforated pipe and so it into the drain.
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  4. There is a drain nearby. I do believe that there is an external underground chamber on my premises before this flows into the mains sewers. Getting the fall on a route to that would be tricky though... there are a number of cable ducts in the way.
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    Hi Robot - how is the damp situation? I've got a similar problem, but I'm a couple of steps behind you. Check out my latest post for more info. Curious to know how you got on. Cheers.

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