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    7.20, yawn, stretch, mug of hot coffee delivered to my bedside table along with three white chocolate buttons. Sleepy-dust wiped slowly from eyes - and then a body-enveloping breath of the freshest, coolest air washed over my whole bod.

    (Sorry if that conjures up too many visuals, but stuff you)

    Yes the windows were open all night, but this was caused by what came out of the radio. One hour, seventeen minutes and thirty seconds in.

    Just listen to the freshness.
  2. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
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    Fresher even than that.

    And dripping with beautiful 'rony. :)
  4. Enough about Mishal Husain...
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    Yeah, she's pretty cool.

    But the lady on the radio this morning - Rashida Tlaib, the first (soon to be)Muslim woman to be elected to Congress - was wonderful.

    Not because she was Muslim, and not because she was a she. But because she was wonderful.

    Clarity, dignity, enthralling. Oh the beautiful irony of it taking the dignity of a MUSLIM
    WOMAN to salve the crudity of Trumpism and Borisism.
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  6. I've been listening to Preet Bharara's pod cast, another breath of fresh air. And lets not forget Maajid Nawaz.
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    Not familiar with them.

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