Fridge gap fitting

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Pippin Longstockings, Jan 30, 2024.

  1. Hi,
    In my new kitchen I have a gap for a freestanding fridge/freezer that is 61-62cm. Not ideal, but that's how it is. Plenty of space above and behind.

    I know I can get a perfectly fine 55cm wide fridge that will fit ok. However, I can get a little more fridge for the money if I get a 60cm wide one, but it will be a tight fit with very little space down the sides. I have been told that side ventilation isn't too important as long as air can circulate under the bottom, up the back and over the top, but also most manufacturers seem to recommend about 5cm on each side.

    I'd really appreciate opinions on whether I should play it safe and get a 55cm or go for a 60cm.


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