Fridge in front of CH pipes

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  1. Daljit68

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    I have a 145cm high fridge freezer that fits perfectly beneath a boiler. However, manufacturer’s instructions say don’t place next to any heat source, or if so, use insulation barrier.

    I have a bit of 30mm insulation board, which I thought of sticking to the back of the fridge with sealant. This would be on to polyurethane only - there are workings below this which would be left open.

    Does anyone see any problems doing this?

  2. AnotherTopJob

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    Heat obviously rises, so may not necessarily be a problem for the fridge.
    Insulation might help but I'd be cautious of reducing airflow to the fridge which may make matters worse.
  3. quasar9

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    Sticking anything on the back of the fridge, especially the black painted radiator, is a very bad idea. Apart from severely reducing its efficiency, you are also invalidating the guarantee. If the fridge has a plastic back, there is added fire risk.

    the reference to use of insulating barrier, is reference to insulating the heat source, ie lag the CH pipes or put some sort of casing around them rather than the fridge as these need a clear flow of air.
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  4. Daljit68

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    Thanks for responses. Yes, CH pipes have been insulated.

    The back of the fridge doesn’t have radiator piping - it’s polyurethane insulation apart from the bottom 20%, where you can see fridge workings. And I recognise I need to maintain airflow to this area.

    However I take the point that it would invalidate any guarantee so won’t stick anything to it.
  5. Jimbo

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    Sometimes the radiators (more accurately, the condensors) are integrated into the side(s) on the appliances, instead of the back. If the pipes are insulated it doesn't sound like a big problem.

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