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    43D60A5A-E596-419A-B05B-2C72B8662508.jpeg 3B7C6B18-7F80-4E25-81A0-09C354E75D7A.jpeg ok guys & gals I want the best brains on this :) I am just getting around to painting a small rendered area at the front of our bungalow, there is a 2 coarse run of bricks at the bottom which you can see has been painted over, most of the other bungalows have this left as just brick and not painted which I think looks better,

    There are lumpy bits all along which I have started to scrape off, would this be some sort of fungus and what’s the best way to get off / treat prior to painting, I don’t think the bricks will look good enough to leave after scraping so probably will have to paint over again.

    As an aside (think you can just see it in the picture, there was a thin copper wire about 2mm embedded in the motor line, (I’ve started to rip it out, anyone know what this was for?) the build was mid sixties, also the vent you can see was siliconed up which I have now cleared.

    (Hope my reflection in the window doesn’t scare anyone off :eek:)

    Thanks for any advice
  2. WillyEckerslike

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    The best brains will be along presently. In the meantime......

    Rather than a fungus I wonder if it is more likely to be dried salts which have leached out of the bricks and mortar? Just scrape them off and follow with a wire brush.

    Not sure about the thin copper wire though. Don't ask the electricians as they will still be arguing about a) what it was, b) whether it was or wasn't installed to regs and c) what the interpretation of whichever regs they can't agree on actually meant long after you've a) repainted, b) stripped back to brickwork or c) died.
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    I get yer drift Willy hopefully the sparkies will ignore me :) not too sure about the wire brush thingy, the sandtex masonry paint sez don’t use a wire brush just use a stiff bristle (would prefer to use a wire brush myself) just nipping out for a while perhaps Astra will be along
  4. WillyEckerslike

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    Good point about the wire brush. If we're honest, we all hope that Astra will be along to answer this sort of question....
  5. Pollowick

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    That wire is potentially an earth of some sort - obviously nicely hidden away. Could be for a variety of things including the phone. Yes, some installations required an additional local earth. If you can find what it connects to, or goes nowhere that may answer your question, if not put it back in and leave alone.
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  6. Astramax

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    Willy is probably correct re salts a good clean up with the bristle brush may struggle, Purdy make a stainless wire brush available from Brewers circa £5, bought one myself last month. Thinking that a stabilising solution would bind it nice and tight after the brushing followed when dried out with maybe a different colour masonry paint! :)

    I had a copper wire along 2 walls of my property and it was apparently something to do with a radio ham so don't positively know . :confused:

    Did you know someone's looking at you through the window?:D
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  7. KIAB

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    Everbuild 406 Stabilishing Solution.
  8. Astramax

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    Get a jam jar full of stabilising solution from a friend, neighbour or colleague, 'Freemans' is the best in this instance.
  9. facilities

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    Thanks lads, guess I was over thinking it, so I will scrape it all off & stabilise it, I do have a st/steel wire brush,


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