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    HI All,

    I need to add 3 double sockets to my downstairs in order to run the multitude of TV and Audio kit I've amassed over the years but the socket I wanted to use to break into the ring turns out to be on an unfused spur. Now, I've read a few posts on here saying that there isn't actually a limit to how many sockets are added to a fused spur but the ideal solution is breaking into the ring and adding them all to the ring.

    In this instance, adding to the ring isn't an option so I need to see about the fused spur as an option. My question though, is will I be blowing the fuse every time I switch on all the devices? It's obviously, a 13A fuse but there will be a TV, Soundbar, Xbox, Virgin box & Wireless router all running off those sockets so I'm concerned that will overload the fuse.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    All of that equipment has very low power requirements so running them all through a 13 amp fused spur will be fine. All the plugs will have probably 3 amp fuses anyway.
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    Will all of these items be close together? If so, rather than adding extra socket, you can get some good quality multi-way outlets with 10, 12, 15 sockets. Wall mount one, and either connect it to a fused spur or on a plug to an existing.

    Somethink like: [​IMG]

    It will, in my opinion look better than extra sockets and you have control on a single switch.

    That one, which I know nothing about and chosen as an example is: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eagle-12-Way-Vertical-Socket-Protection-Black/dp/B01LY0P6MI however there are plenty more around.

    The name I was trying to think of is OLSON - based in N. London they have hundreds of options and are excellent quality: https://olsondirect.co.uk/all-produ...ue&plug_inlet_type=146&socket_outlet_type=129
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