G2 listed cottage. Pantry, slate shelf removal

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Chris_ach, Sep 1, 2022.

  1. Chris_ach

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    Hi all.

    I want to remove the slate shelf in one piece rather than cut a section out.

    We want to put our tumble dryer next to the newly installed plug socket, in addition to putting new units up and using it as a utility type space.

    I've tried lifting the slate shelf, and there is no give in it. I can see its been sealed by what looks like silicone, and rests on a wooden arm.

    What is confusing is the left hand side is not resting on anything, and I'm wondering if it's embedded into the wall, given the weight of the slate shelf.

    Any ideas on how best to approach this?

    I've also noticed damp on the right hand side, which I'll need to address before putting any new units up

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  2. dray

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    If it were me I would probably dig out a little of the wall to see how far it goes into the wall.I am guessing it will be a couple of inches so might be better to break it in the middle first and pull either side out.
  3. Chris_ach

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    Yes mate, sound advice. Sounds a sensible approach. What would you cut it with.. I've got an angle grinder. Or would you use something different?

    Thx for feedback
  4. kitfit1

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    As the cottage is G2 listed, you can do, within reason whatever you want to "inside" the house.
    As there is already Silicon holding the slate, this obviously isn't "historic", so just cut it out.

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