Gable and dry ridge advice needed.

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by PHILPH, Jul 11, 2015.


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    Could anyome advise please.

    I have a gable end and recently had a kitchen extension with a hipped roof fitted.

    This new bit of roof blended into the existing, on the existing part the slates overhang the gable wall by 20mm or so, so the rain drips off, however on the new part of the roof the slates are more or less flush with the gable wall, vertually no overhang and I'm worried water might get in so I want to try and fit some sort of dry ridge or some sort of angle strip to prevent this.

    With it being a retro fit I can't use traditional dry ridge tiles as I believe the lock inbetween the tiles, and my roof has slates, or can I?

    Ive been looking at this Manthorpe Linear Dry Verge as it's about the only thing that will do for a retro fit.

    Has anyone used this, and if so is it easy to fit?

    Or, is there anthing else I could use, mainly to stop the ingress of water but also something that will smarten up the finish.

    I'd rather not fiddle about taking slates off etc if I can help it.

    Again this is for a retro fit on a slate roof, any suggestions?

    Cheers Lads

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