Gap between window ledge and sill

Discussion in 'Screwfix Live' started by Oasis1974, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member

    Hi folks, any help on this matter would be very much appreciated, we've recently had an extension built, and the windows have different gaps between the ledges and sills, on the outside wall, could anyone let me know what size this gap is meant to be roughly
  2. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    pictures would be appreciated
  3. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member

    I tried posting pictures earlier, I keep getting a file to big for server error, even just trying to post a single photo, I appreciate your reply, do you know a way around this, or could I send photos to you by WhatsApp or email?
  4. jackelliott07

    jackelliott07 Active Member

    Upload your images to a website like imgur or similar
  5. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member

    OK I've got my images ready to upload on imgur, do I just post them on there in the public sect? Thanks for your reply, I'm new to this so please bear with me
  6. jackelliott07

    jackelliott07 Active Member

    Yes - if you click "new post" in the top left i believe that will upload them (it's been awhile since i've uploaded to there) but once you've done so, you should be able to paste a link here
  7. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member this is actually the decent window in my eyes, soz for any confusion
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  8. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member this is the window that's maybe needing attention
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  9. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    Looks ok.
  10. jackelliott07

    jackelliott07 Active Member

    Looks fine to me - what's your concern? Purely the aesthetics?
  11. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member
    The size of the gap compared to the other window, plus should it be sealed of?
  12. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member

    My concern is the gap on the window to the left of my house is only half an inch, the other side is over 1 inch
  13. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member

    Had builders in to build extension, they gave me 2 radiators in the same room, 1 wouldn't heat up, the other was fine, he told me to get new boiler, thankfully I got it checked and the fault was he'd ran the pipes the wrong way, from there the list of things we've found wrong is mad, thanks for all replies
  14. jackelliott07

    jackelliott07 Active Member

    Yikes, thats rough. Sorry to hear you've had a **** experience. I'm sure somebody with much more knowledge than me will be along soon, but if it was me i wouldn't be overly concerned about water ingress etc, as they (should) be sloped and hopefully form a weathertight seal underneath your UPVC somewhere. I guess i would only be overly bothered if the difference was very obvious, which given your post, i'm assuming it must be...

    Im guessing the builder is not very forthcoming with fixing any of his wrongdoings?
  15. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Did a window company fit the windows.

    Is the concrete a cill, I.e. is it sloping?

    There is a gap because of this.

    Personally I would have opted for a stub cill, this is 85mm which gives only 15mm projection. This should have been pointed out by the surveyor. The gap is also comes from undermeaduring.

    Other option was not to have no cill, then rely on the concrete cill. All depends on internal reveals and window board as not to loose the window profile.

    A standard cill is 150mm, less frame thickness of 70mm leaves 80mm projection.
  16. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member

    the builder has walked away leaving us these windows I think the Harling is bauld in places to, he fitted a toilet/showerroom and the base of the shower tray isn't level, that's just some of the things he did wrong, looking like it might be going to court which is why I'm checking for professional opinions, thanks for your reply
  17. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member

    so would you say id be within my rights to ask to get this fixed?, it was the same 2 guys that did all the work, the list of faults really is endless, tile in my toilet wall not level with others, blue spray paint marks on my house wall, haven't installed a isolation switch for my shower, had to get the manufacturer out to check my cooker hood because he said the noise was fine, and again his installation was at fault, thanks for the reply
  18. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    I think you need to take a step back and deal with one problem at a time.

    The window cill isn't a problem from those photos.
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  19. Oasis1974

    Oasis1974 New Member
    thanks for the reply, does this mastic look a decent finish anyone?

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