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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by pastcaring, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. pastcaring

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    Hello all.
    Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times (I have searched but can't find the answer).

    If I install a floating insulated floor over existing level concrete floor (DPM, PIR, chipboard) so that it covers the entire floor (15mm gap at edges for chipboard) when I come to build a partition wall to divide the room do I drill down through the floating floor into the concrete to attach the sole plate for the wall? or do I just drill through the chipboard?

    Or maybe I build the wall first and lay the floor either side of it?

    Thanks in advance if you answer.
  2. sospan

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    If plan to keep the partition long term, I would build the wall and then fit the floors separately as I prefer structured items to be on a solid base. A lot more work fitting in two floors as separate items. However, if you plan to remove the partition in the future one floor and partition on top.
  3. pastcaring

    pastcaring New Member

    Thanks for that. But do i drill down through the floor into the concrete to fix the wall in place? Or does it just sit on top of the floor?
    I am thinking if I drill down through the DPM that would cause a problem?
  4. Although what Sos says might be best practice, I can see no harm whatsoever in laying the whole floor first and then building your partitions up from that - it's what I would do here.

    Make sure the partitions are braced snugly betwixt floor and ceiling, and enjoy.

    As long as the framework is a strong self-contained structure, you should have no issues with cracks in any plaster skim, for instance; any remaining movement should occur behind the skirting.

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