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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Systemmaster, Dec 26, 2003.

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    One of the funniest things that happened to me was when a frind of my daughter had nowhere to stay so my daughter invited her to stay with us. 17yrs old brunette Samantha Fox type. How could I refuse?
    After a couple of weeks my daughter got fedup of sharing the bed so the young lady used mine while I was at work. I worked nights so she was always out & at work before I got home (at least I always got in a warm bed). Typical teenager she left her clothes lying about. One day I got home, & as usual went to walk round the bed in the dark. I tripped over some clothes on the floor, cursed about her mess & turned the light on. With that she sat up in bed stark naked & screamed. She wasnt feeling well & had overslept. The poor thing had to get dressed so I could sleep, not that I slept too well. I was somewhat agitated. lmao
  2. Systemmaster

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    Well thanks for that Charlie Farley, but I think you missed the point a little (well a lot actually - but maybe that was down to my wording of the original message).

    I wanted to protect the doors originally but was told repeatedly by council officials that I was not allowed to put a brush to the doors, with preservative, paint or anything else. I dont think it was a 'union' problem, just a council jobsworth rules problem.

    When I eventually (two yers ago) said Ok but if the (original) doors were painted by persons unknown to protect them - would it matter? The answer was that I would be required to give up the garage for breaching council rules.

    When I approached councellors and tried to ask if this was sensible, I was told "rules is rules"! I was and have been gently trying to save council(tax and ratepayers incuding me) money by trying to get a shortsighted decision reviewed, and have been told in no uncertain terms that they are the rules and if I touch the doors I lose the garage.

    Was I laying blame - well yes - because there are 7 other garages whcih from the look of the deterioration will all need the doors replaced this year. I still say that a coat of paint two or three years ago would have been a lot cheaper!

    Dismissing it as not my problem, certianly not. I think the effort I have put into this over several years trying to find a way around it proves that. A way that would have been cost effective and resolved the problem.

    The carpenters and their levels of competence are probably not at issue. Rather it is the twisted logic of a local authority who prefer to 'save' £100 today even though it will cost them £10,000 in a couple of yers time. Surely your issue is with the councillors and council management not me.

    Silly doors - well yes, very siully because they will not close now they are so swollen and the council have told me they will are trying to book a slot next week "to look at them" - off the record I am told they will probably be replaced AGAIN!

    Annoying - seekign to blame a victim ??? Sorry but that just doesnt make any sense at all. What vitcim? Am I blaming me "the vitim" paying rent for a garage that I almost cannot use. Or are you paiting the carpenter as a victim for not trimming the doors properly in the first place (actually so far five different carpenters have had a go at it - well at least the council calls them carpenters). Or maybe you claim the council is the victim - bot I don't see how you could think that.

    I suppose I really wanted to know if anyone had a suggestioon as to how to make a council see sense, though all I really want is garage door that open and close, and I thought a helpful sneaky trick of the trade might just have done that.

    But I bow to a craftsman and respect your opinion - even though I feel that your comments were rather off target.
  3. Systemmaster

    Systemmaster New Member

    Quite so Kesh, trapped between a rock and a hard place - (and Charlie Farley!!!!) Thanks for trying though Kesh!
  4. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Okay Systemmaster,

    I will try and bring some light to your issue seeing I hijacked your topic into an IT info swap. Sorry.

    Reading through again I see that you are really the victim of Council estate management stupidity. The problems with local authorities are that they have forgotten what they are there for as they are obsessed with social exclusion and equality and diversity issues.

    Common sense used to prevail but this has gone as all staff are hackneyed into the cockeyed way of thinking that comes straight from the chumps who are elected by very few people to make decisions on how to spend our money. Most of us do not give a toss about the council until our yearly bill comes in or we might need some help (rare).

    The problem you have suffered is poor trade management by the Council, if it hasn't been outsourced, where whoever organised the work did not arrange for the various trades to go in sequentially to finish the job properly. They do not normally have multi trade operatives (handypersons)who would do more than one job. If you had painted the doors it is unlikely anyone could have proved who did it but I am sure that you did not want to break the terms of your tenancy agreement and do the job yourself. I guess that with hindsight you would have done it and be damned.

    Never expect help from Councillors who in the main are insignificant berks who want a bit of power. Let's face it none of us would bother to do it would we? But judging by the common sense that comes through in many postings we are really the people who should be organising these money burning operations.

    As a tenant you have rights and your are entitled for them to keep your property to a safe and fit standard for the use to which it was intended. I seem to recall that there is a county court process you could use to force them to do something about it under landlord and tenant. The local Citizens Advice may be able to guide you through it or if you live in one of those areas with Law Centres you could try there. Of course if you were injured by the doors and made a claim against them you would probably see it all fixed in a day.

    Good luck anyway


    Mr Moderator I have been careful not to show any political bias in this but thought my comments pertinent to answer Systemmaster. Ta.
  5. Systemmaster

    Systemmaster New Member

    Thanks dewaltdisney - I'll give Citizens Advice a try.
    PS - no problem - the forum is here for people to talk so hijack away .....
    Plus as you understood my problem it looks like in my second attempt to explain it I did a better job so you all understand it now!
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    I used to live next to an old boy who had worked for 50 years in the chippie trade and he always told me that painted wood outside will always rot eventually 'cos it traps water behind it. He used to oil or stain everthing. Now I know paint technology has improved but would you all say that stain or breathable paint is essential and is general gloss more trouble than it's worth on gates and doors and fences etc ?

    ps glad we're not talking IT anymore.
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    in the late 60s our local council went to everyone who had put up carports without planning permission & told them to take them down. Many did, but one guy knew that carports no longer needed planning permission but had to conform with building regs regarding fire. He stuck to his guns & beat he council. They had lived so long with absolute authority that they were hard pressed to come up to date with the regs. My adjoining neighbour wanted to erect a carport but they told him the fence between us would have to be lowered to 3' or they would class it as a garage. I never got on with those neighbours so refused to lower the fence & just went ahead & made my own carport. The council have never bothered me about it nor the garage (workshop) I put up some years later.
  8. diyhopeful

    diyhopeful Active Member

    Nice to hear you beat the council.

    Our man from the council asked why we had stuck so religiously to the agreed plans for our loft conversion losing us so much usable space.

    We said "because they had been agreed and passed"

    He said "but if you argue we normally give in !"


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