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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Grybaz, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Grybaz

    Grybaz New Member

    Folks, what is the best way to repaint wooden garage doors.
    I have sanded off old varnish. And doors are now in very natural WOOD state.
    And I can't decide whether is to paint doors with gloss or varnish. I know we're talking 2 different looks here but which one is more durable and last longer ?
    Any special undercoat required for gloss paint or just use usual undercoat such as dulux ?
  2. T-C

    T-C New Member

    if the doors are completly bare i would use Sikkins satura, but if you want a gloss finish then Sikkins az gloss 2010 complient.follow the instructions re prep and primeing. T-C
  3. hoss

    hoss New Member

    For easy future maintenance ( if the doors are still in good condition) i would give them a nice stain and a couple coats of exterior varnish.
    If its prepped and varnished well it should last just as long as paint.
    Why do all the hard work getting down to nice bare wood, then cover it up with paint? ( in my opinion )
  4. Grybaz

    Grybaz New Member

    thanks HOSS, I completely agree with you.
  5. jcts

    jcts Active Member

    if you do decide to paint, use dulux weathershield. it's got a simple 1,2,3 system to follow. prime, undercoat, gloss. very good paint
  6. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

    Another solution would be to use Sadolin Superdec if you want a painted finish - 2 coats and job done. Wont crack or blister and every 5 years just a single coat is required to revive it.

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