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    I have a garage (detached from house) that is of single skin brick construction (no damp course) on top of a concrete slab. I want to partition the garage to create a small office/workshop and as such want to insulate it so i can use it all year round but I'm keen to avoid mould / damp issues. I have read many articles on the internet but am a little confused to the correct way to do it. Could someone confirm if the proposal below will work or if there is a better way of doing it (I am planning on doing the work msyelf and can do all with the exception of plastering):


    · Damp proof membrane covering entire floor folded up walls by say 100mm

    · Timber frame built on top of membrane with gaps filled with Celotex/Kingspan

    · Vapour barrier covering top of frame / insulation

    · Floor boards

    External walls

    · Damp proof membrane fixed to wall (battens described below in next bullet point to hold it in place)

    · Wooden battens on top of damp proof membrane screwed to wall

    · Celotex / Kingspan between battens installed so they are touching damp proof membrane i.e. no gap)

    · Vapour barrier over top of insulation / battens

    · Plasterboard + skim

    Internal dividing wall

    · Timber frame construction

    · Gaps between battens filled with Celotex/Kinspan

    · Vapour barrie on room side of insulation

    · Plasterboard and skim both sides of partition wall


    · Timber frame, with gaps filled with Celotex/ Kinspan) (Worth noting that Garage has pitched roof so i am proposing to effectly create a false ceiling to room rather than working on existing garage roof stucture

    · Vapour barrier room side

    · Plaster board + skim

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    Sounds about right
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    I’m going to do something similiar in my prefab, it will house a dryer and panel radiator for drying peoples wet clothes etc, is it nescessarry to put dpm against the outside wall, I was thinking to put Rockwool in, then a polythene barrier behind 12mm ply. I am putting an extractor fan in to help with humidity. Thanks.

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