Garage Pitched roof with lots of struts need removing?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by fredfirstgo, May 24, 2021.

  1. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member


    I am in need of some advice regards turning my large garage pitched roof in to a room.

    I know to do this I will need some mathematical calculations in order to make the roof safe. To make the space we need to remove the struts to achieve the maximum space we are looking for.

    My first question is will I need a surveyor or an architect to work out a plan for supporting the floor and roof as most of the work I can do myself in order to keep the costs down?

    I have attached a photo that might help give a little better understanding of what I am trying to achieve.

    Any support would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Peterdevon

    Peterdevon Active Member

    It is all structual so none of it can be removed, consult a structual engineer.
    It may be quicker to take it all off and replace with required size timbers
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  3. TangerineDream

    TangerineDream Active Member

    When I have similar projects done, I contact the local building control team at the council who guide me on what I need to meet compliance, including whether I need a surveyor or architect, they then provide relevant applications so its less hassle overall. I receently had my loft converted to a room so went thru something similar altho didnt do the work myself & wanted to ensure I met the compliance requirements. Its just been signed off on as completion. Good luck with your project mate.
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  4. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    Hello Peter, thank you for your reply much appreciated and yes now I know a way forward and will start searching to find a structural engineer!

    However in the meantime you say take it all off and replace with required size timber?
    Are you referring by saying I would need to start making the floor joists beams stronger with correct sized timber and then supporting the whole main load from underneath with some light weight rsj's?

    Am I correct in assuming I will need to take the main load of the roof as a first step and then work on a plan for removing the struts which I understand will need to reinforce the roof as well ?

    Just trying to find out the first steps that will need to be taken and if I am understanding the process correctly ?

    Kind Regards
  5. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    Thank you yes that sounds like a good way forwards as I need to make sure its meets all compliances as safety is my number one goal. Hope you are enjoying the extra space with your loft conversion!!! Cheers
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  6. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    structural engineer needed. tbh as above it may be easer to get new trusses made with the appropriate attic structure and capable of the loadings required. There is a lot more to it too - access/ stairs & insulation too plus fire protection given its a garage
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  7. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    Thanks Jonathan c, I am at the moment trying to understand my first steps to take.

    One of the side garage wall is attached to a upstairs bedroom so was hoping to seal off the floor completely, add roof windows and a door opening up in to the bedroom which may cover the fire protection issue but just getting started and looking forward to getting going as long as the materials needed are also available as I understand times are not what we are used to!.

    I do understand there is a lot more to this but at the moment just trying to find out the first steps needed so I can start from somewhere.

    This forum has been very useful so far as I'm about to contact the council building control although this will probably not need planning permission.
    Much appreciated for you reply!
  8. TangerineDream

    TangerineDream Active Member

    Your welcome, fredfirstgo. I had roofers tell me they can do the job & they dont bother with building control which i know is nonsense. i work on the premise if i cover all areas im then legally covered & itll be the same for you. You dont want to cut corners & then find insurance wont cover if u do encounter an issue & then building control gets involved

    The loft I had converted is now a suite. I love it & have someone moving into it tomorrow & fire maintenance has cleared it so im happy. More importantly, theyre happy with their new home. Good luck with your project mate
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  9. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    I would suggest getting a structural engineer/ surveyor/ or private building control firm to draw up plans to comply with building regs- so you can works against these approved plans. They’ll cover all you need from all aspects : fire, insulation, structural etc

    it may be you can modify the trusses. Equally it may be better to replace them with trusses engineered for purpose
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  10. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    Hey Tangerine dream, great reply thank you, I guess the extra income will come in handy in these gloomy times, and just spoken to council building control found the form online and about to pay the £575 'ouch' for submitting the application.

    Will probably keep this thread informed as I move forward so hopefully someone else can benefit understanding the steps needed as we all never stop learning!

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  11. TangerineDream

    TangerineDream Active Member

    Ouch indeed, that is a hefty fee. What did they tell you that you needed when you spoke to them Fred? I only needed a regularisation application for my project & my fee for that was considerably less.

    Pleased u will keep us updated because it really does help to see the steps people have to go through to comply.
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  12. JasonCSmith

    JasonCSmith Member

    I'd have an architect assess it before I handed over £575 to building control and started to worry about the availability of materials. From the photos it looks touch and go for headroom to me. The new floor joists required will be deeper, and the rafters may need to be increased in depth if the trussed rafters are dis-assembled. Then you've got to under-draw these with insulation & plasterboard, further eating into the space. Not every roof space is capable of conversion.
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  13. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    I was told I need to Submit a Full Plans application online form, so just going with the flow but not paid anything yet just submitted the form and they told me they will get someone more technical from the Building Control department to guide me, so will keep you updated what come from that, but great to know your there, thank you!
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  14. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    Thanks for your input Jason, much appreciated! Basically we only need a small amount of space, just need a small office, so a desk and chair is all that is needed so hopefully this will be achievable, keeping my fingers crossed though! Haven't paid anything yet and waiting now for a reply from building control and see what they have to say. Will keep in formed! Kind regards
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  15. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    Why have you decided to use the council? You could have used a private firm? All they are interested in is saying whether it passes regs or not: they’ll not do any design work.

    full plans is the way to go but only after you’ve engaged someone to draw up the plans and the council won’t
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  16. TangerineDream

    TangerineDream Active Member

    That was my fault, I suggested ringing them for some advice earlier in this thread in what was needed regs wise. Fred hasnt paid out any monies thankfully
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  17. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    I knew from the off this was not going to be straight forward and thank you again for your input! Would I need a surveyor, architect or a structural engineer to work out a plan?
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  18. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    What's the dimensions of the existing building, the height of the roof from wallplates to ridge and the pitch of the roof? As Jason mentioned, it looks low as it currently is, which means it may be beneficial to apply to change the roof for a steeper pitch. It would be far far easier to replace the roof than to work with what you currently have.
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  19. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Find a good technician This is NOT a job for an architect.

    There are several options and Telebeams may be one: take a look at them on line. They are good people and will include a full design package.

    Replacing the trusses with attic trusses is another but you'll need a crane for the job with cost and access limitations.

    Personally I would go with LA BC every time: had bad experiences of private and I recently had a flyer from 1 lotm many of whose fees were literally twice the LS'm.
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  20. fredfirstgo

    fredfirstgo New Member

    Thanks Jord86, haven't got that far in measuring up yet but will get back to you so you can advise more accordingly if you can, however all we need is a small amount of space for an office so changing the roof might be rather more than we were planning for and imaging that would need planning permission?

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