Garage Renovation (Big job)

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Will_The_Rookie, May 22, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    I'll start off by saying I'm not a skilled DIYer, but I like a challenge and I have the time (I think), so why not?

    I have a small (one car, just) garage (Pictures: that is not connected to my house, but is connected to next doors converted garage (not sure what they use it for, but it's now an internal room). It has a side door that leads to the back garden, and a normal up-and-over door at the front.

    I want to turn it into a usable space, probably for a small gym (treadmill, punch bag, mats). I'm aiming for something like number 8 on this page:

    So, right now I figure I have at least 7 separate jobs to accomplish this:
    • Replace the side door and rebuild the 'step'. Right now you can see under the door and the 'step' isn't in very good condition.
    • Board the walls. I want them to have a smooth finish, but even slatted wall panels would be an improvement. I'm also toying with the idea of insulating the walls, as the garage is nice and cool in the summer but very cold in the winter. Alternatively I could just have a fan heater in there. I'm not sure.
    • Insulated the roof. It's a pitched roof, if that matters.
    • Board the ceiling. I'd still like to use the eaves space for storage, but I figure sealing the ceiling would increase the insulation.
    • Smooth the floor. Right now it's just rough, ridged concrete. I've read about levelling compound, which I thought I could use followed by something like Rustoleum's Rock solid (I saw it on Pinterest - no idea if it's what I need, but it looks cool).
    • I have to do something about the main door too. It's a normal garage door, so isn't particularly well sealed in terms of preventing nature getting in (dust, bugs, leaves etc).
    • Strengthen the ceiling somehow to allow a punch bag to be hung. This isn't essential, but would be nice.
    Hmm... now I see it written down it does seem like a pretty big job, but if it's possible for someone without any real skill to do, then I'll give it a crack.

    My questions really are:
    • Is it possible?
    • Where should I start?
    • What order do you think the jobs should be done in?
    • What would be a rough budget for this kind of job? I have no idea really, but figure it must be cheaper to do myself than get tradesmen in.
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    Hows this going?

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