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    My name is Jon.

    If you are looking for garden bar ideas or projects, then you have come to the right place!

    I am currently making a garden bar, and want to share images of my project.

    Most guys dream about having there very own man cave. I did, and wanted to make it a reality. I often have guests round, and thought a garden bar would be a fantastic addition to my home.

    Garden bars are as complicated as you want to make it. Personally, I wanted a clean cut, modern looking theme. This means a minimalist sleek design, and excellent metallic finishes.

    I started off with a normal flat roof garage down the end of my garden. I completely removed the roof and garage door. Then installed a pitched roof, with composite tiles. And a modern looking composite front door.

    To see my garden bar project from start to finish, you can view it here. I will be regularly updating this post as I progress with my bar, plus adding more images. When I come to finishing the inside, I plan to install some cool stuff, such as an arcade machine, TV, fridges, sound system, pumps etc.

    Hopefully it will provide some fantastic garden bar ideas for your project. Please feel free to ask questions about this project. I will try my best to answer them.

    Below is an diagram of how I want the bar to look inside. I drew this using Computer Aided Design (CAD). I have also attached some progress images.

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    Nice work. I would have done a couple of things differently, but not as a critism.
    What's the finish going to be on the outside?
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    Hi Wiggy,

    Thank you. I was thinking of having a grey silicone render on the outside. Either that or slate cladding (a more natural look).

    My next mission is to get power and internet connections into this garden bar. And then make a start on the inside. Hopefully I can start that next month.

    I really want to make the ceiling inside interesting. I do not want to just paint it white. I was thinking of making the ceiling look metallic and reflective. I did consider a fibre optic star lit ceiling, but thought that may be more effort than its worth.

    If anyone has any interesting (and quirky) ideas for a ceiling, then I would like to hear them : )

    At the moment the ceiling inside is vaulted. I have not yet insulated or plasterboarded it.


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