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  1. Movieman334

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    Hi guys this is my garden unfortunately I have neglected it for a while and what I would ideally like to do is put down some kind of very slow and low growing grass

    Would anyone have any recommendations for a total newbie thank you very much IMG-20210913-WA0002.jpg
  2. dtexh

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    Just mow it regularly and it will look a lot better.
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  3. Muzungu

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    Not a large area so pull out the major weeds and then mow it as close as possible. Give it a really good rake out and then reseed. You can reseed now if you are quick about it. Mix the seed with an enriched and sterilised soil and rake it in again. Keep it moist for the first couple of weeks.

    You will have to move quick though as it is late in the year.

    By end of spring should be looking half way decent although you may be surprised at how much better it will look once you have done the above.
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  4. pppmacca43

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    Try a bit of weed and feed on it, it’s pretty good stuff. Turns it all black at first.
    Tbh a good mow would make it look ten times better
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  5. Movieman334

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    Thanks ge 20210913_180334.jpg thqnks gents that's really helpful as it used to be nice green grass by now has been taken over by what appears to be a random selection of plants .

    What do you guys think of this weed killer
  6. Tricky Dicky

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    What do you guys think of this weed killer
    This will totally destroy your lawn, is this what you want?
    Otherwise you need a garden 'feed and weed' for lawns, kills the weeds leaves the grass untouched.
    Get a lawn mower on your existing lawn and cut no more than half off.
    A week or so later, cut again to remove more grass, keep doing weekly until the lawn looks more respectful.
    When the grass is shorter use the feed and weed.

    download.jpg download (1).jpg
    Weed and Feed Lawn Feed & Fertilisers | Grass Seeds |
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  7. Muzungu

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    Agree. It will be much quicker to pull the bigger weeds out by hand and, as above, mow it short. I use the 4 in 1 but only once the grass has got going and you need to be really careful to spread it evenly and not over do it. If you just do that it will look pretty decent quickly.

    If you spray it with that weedkiller it will look a mess and destroy everything.

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