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    Looking for a bit of advice on this. I've got a bit of a garden project going on. I've attached the plan for it to provide some context.

    So the whole area is a grass area. The front is a retaining wall with some steps up to the grass. The yellow fill areas are going to be 30cm's of stones. The square in the bottom left is a hot tub and the brick patterned area is going to be a porcelain patio.

    Essentially, in that whole area all of the turf will be removed, eventually, as the stones bridge the gaps to any borders.

    I have two queries. Both are in regards to my base for the hot tub. I'm using a specialised hot tub base pad. They state that it can go on grass, but if uneven or with drainage issues to dig up the turf and lay 70mm of type 1 MOT, sand and a weed barrier under the pad. The pad is then filled with pea gravel. I intend to use more than 70mm of type 1, considering that's less than would be used for the patio. I will also rent a compactor so that it's laid correctly.

    I came to the realisation that, my first step was to lay the pad, as that allows me to get my barings for each other element, but when that's all in, I'll be digging away the turf that sits around the MOT and replacing it with small, decorational stones. I have 0 experience in this, I've never used these materials. Am I going to lose any integrity to the base? Weight wise, the tub is just short of 2 tonne with water in, that's before people get in. The pad claims to support 420 tonne, but obviously that's the pad and if there's subpar work put in underneath it, that'll soon fail. I guess to summarise, little worried that it's going to move outwards under the weight as I've removed the soil around it (although then again, I guess if it's going to move, some soil isn't going to stop it).

    My 2nd question, a lot simpler. Type 1 or Type 3 for this situation? I've read up about it and I seem to be leaning towards Type 1. Garden does have drainage issues (new build, so of course).
  2. looked into this myself as plan on adding a tub to my garden when I redo it early next year. I plan on sticking a concrete slab down under the new decking, and then when ready I can cut the decking and redo around the hot tub. I am sure compacted sub base and a pad works, I just prefer to over engineer

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