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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by seneca2, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    Hi all,
    I have a garden lighting job to do, part of it will involve GU10 led walkover lights in some of the paved areas. My initial thought for the wiring was swa but considering the cables will be under paving stones i'm thinking Hi-tuff would be acceptable, this would also be easier at the terminations than having to continue the armour through connection boxes, just stuffing glands and Wiska boxes or similar. Also I don't think the customer will want the boxes on show so how about also putting them below the paving, depending on the length of pre-fitted cable on the lamps I could probably use one box per three lamps, any views or advice on this job would be appreciated, i've done plenty of these lights in decking in the past but not in concrete paving before.
  2. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Would it be easier to use 12V LED's Sen and radiate from a ****** or trannys which are situated in a suitable IP box?..perhaps they could go on the wall etc.
  3. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    Not keen on the selv option JP, lot's of lamps in various positions, some switched separately from others, still have to cable from TX to lamps, plus more to go wrong! (tx failure)
  4. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    JP, plus the fact that if they decide they want more light in some areas (which I think is very likely) there could be a cable size issue, 12v needs massive cable size over any apreciable distance. Using 240v will give much greater flexibility.
  5. lamps

    lamps New Member

    your design is good imo wood/concrete no difference
  6. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    Thanks for that lamps.
  7. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Yes I see what you mean Sen...never done that kind of work before so would be interesting to see how it is done in the end. Cheers Sen.
  8. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    interesting to see how it is done in the end
    Same here JP!
  9. NAPIT numpty

    NAPIT numpty New Member

    Watch out for some Collingswood LED types, If you sink them in a pot in the ground,as they are only rated IP67( Temporary immersion, dig a hole in Britain and it will fill with water!!)
  10. Adam Amp

    Adam Amp New Member

    One advantage though using SELV is that with 230v GU10 every lamp fitting is a potential risk for water ingress and subsequent tripping the RCD. I design my garden lighting around 12v along with the other advantages of longer lamp life and better light efficiency.
  11. seemless

    seemless New Member

    Just rcd the lot, use T n E and lots of silicone in conjunction with IP boxes.

    230v all the way using led lamps.
  12. spark113

    spark113 New Member

    I have done a few installations similar like this for a block paving company. I used swa with resin joints where the lights were required. I tried ip rated boxes below the ground with silicon and found after a while some failed and was a poor way to terminate the lights to the swa. Also the gu10 walk over lights screwfix sell are very poor and leak in rain water. I used led fittings sealed with internal drivers. A separate rcd/rcbo is also recommended to stop nuicense tripping to the existing installation
  13. kingdavid

    kingdavid New Member

    I don't agree to your opinion,even a 6v ledlight is proof is here *

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