Garden Machinery 2 Stroke Fuel.

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Brian Mansfield, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Harry Stottle

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    I've heard that Suzukis are very good. You must have really hammered them if you got through 24, it probably explains why you broke your S2s.
  2. Frutbunn

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    It was just a case of buying, swapping, selling them on, bought an LJ cos it was cheap then swapped it a week later for a Niva that was worth more than the LJ, then someone made me a good offer on the Niva six weeks later and went back to one of the LJ's I already had. Never been without an LJ though for 33 years, even if its not on the road.
    Last trial I ran, by the end of the day we had one broken S3 gbox, 2 LR half shafts,1 LR diff and a RR broken drop link, (bugger to recover with the 2 front wheels pointing in different directions!!) I set the event up drove and cleared all the sections the previous day with no problems and drove home in an LJ. I will add this was not a Rover owners club so they are a little more challenging than a LR owners event. We occasionally got some LR owner club types turn up, we either never saw them again complaining it was too rough or they dropped the LR club side of things as they'd had more fun. We had a couple of S1 owners turn up and one of our members had an SJ410 fitted with a S1 LR body, they were genuinely upset although I did wind them up by saying its the best 4x4 by far, bullet proof mechanics that don't p*** oil out everywhere, starts first time everytime with LR body the only bit worth using and brilliant off road.
    My last bit of trialing was on a Lambretta!!

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