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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by dtexh, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. dtexh

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    Just got an enforcement investigation notice come through. Built a garden room and a neighbour told me he had called planning "to enquire if it was OK" and this has triggered an investigation.

    Any tips on how I should approach this? I put a lot of work into the garden room, and built it to 2.5m from what I have judged to be the highest ground adjacent to it but it is all open to interpretation obviously. It is no higher than our neighbours'.

    I mean if they have a quota of enforcements or something I wouldn't want to be an innocent victim.

  2. jonathanc

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    Planning enforcement don’t have innocent victims

    what does the garden room contain? Are you happy it meets permitted development rules?
  3. mitefix

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    From memory 15 to 30 sqm floor area and 2.5m in Hight for garden structures.
  4. dtexh

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    Yes, I think it meets the rules but the ground is not very level so the ground level is open to interpretation. I measured the highest height from the land the eaves overhangs, but I want to know whether planning tend to be difficult, look for any technical breach I was unaware of etc, or give some reasonable benefit of doubt.
  5. dtexh

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    And yes I am kicking myself now for not putting in a lawful development application first
  6. Lb86

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    We were 8mm above the 2.5m permitted limit and were served a planning enforcement order. We appealed but the appeal also failed. We had no choice but to take the whole thing down. Council came by to confirm it was gone and we're now banned from putting up new structures.
  7. dtexh

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    Wow, seriously?
  8. jonathanc

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    doubt it! If Lb86 is serious can they post a link to the enforcement notice on their council site and the appeal on the planning inspectorate site

    As to the height they the measure the eaves height from highest point of land abs if you are ok against that forget it. Does the garden room contain a toilet, kitchen and bedroom?
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  9. Okoak

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    My next door neighbour built an extension 600mm higher than the drawing had shown, he then fitted a bathroom extractor fan that blows out adjacent to our patio doors, he built up his garden level using the spoil from the footings and then built a, raised patio that overlooks our garden (he also used different materials that match nothing on the house)..... After contact with the council they sent out a schoolgirl who said that yes it was wrong but there wasn't much they could do now!
    The following year he applied for permission for a porch on the extension, and then built it with a different roof and with windows overlooking our garden.... Again the council said they couldn't do anything about it.
    In summary, it seems you can build whatever you want where you want and disregard any rules and the council have little interest and a very limited budget to carry out any enforcement.
  10. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    It seems unfortunate the neighbour has enquired to see if was ok, if it's not causing them issues then why cause potential conflict?

    I see so many sheds and fences etc in my area that clearly don't meet requirements but never any enforcement.
  11. pppmacca43

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  12. pppmacca43

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    That link supplies all the criteria for what is classed as permitted development.

    where building regs are concerned, Upto 15m2 no building regs, 15-30m2 no building regs as long as it doesn’t have accomadation/sleeping area, over 30m2 needs building regs.
  13. dtexh

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