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    Calling Lectrician and Unphased. You gave me advice last November re a dedicated commando socket and I've at last started the job. I've laid 4mm 3-core armoured cable to a depth of 18 inches, with hazard tape above, for a distance of 10m to the socket fixed to a metal post set in concrete. In the garage I intend connecting to a double pole switch, then via a junction box to the garage supply which is connected from the house via a 30mA RCD and has its own earthing rod. Am I ok so far? I have been told that apart from normal earthing I may need to earth the wire armour. Is this necessary at the socket end and the garage end? At the garage end do I earth at the switch or somewhere else? As to the method, can I use clips around the cable or is there a better method? Thanks for your patience.
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    Cleats are better than clips for securing to a wall.

    You must use SWA glands at each end of the cable to terminate the armour.

    The armour must be earthed at at least one end using the banjo supplied with the glands. Both ends is better practice.


    You should be using a CW outdoor gland outside (they come in packs of two, so indoors too).



    You can also use piranha nuts which are easier to earth. They do a pack of glands which have these nuts instead of the banjos.


    I am sure you can search youtube for how to terminate the SWA correctly with a hacksaw and knife.

    As your garage has a rod already, it sounds like TT earthing (assuming house isolated), so is ideal for earthing your hookup point, as PME must not be taken to them.

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