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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by mackie, Feb 20, 2021.

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    Hi, I have done some searching and cannot find anything (or at least anything that could be plain English)

    I have Sky Ultrafast (with Boost) and Sky Q coming next week and we want to have broadband out into the garden, as well as for our own use, we have a WiFi Security Camera as the bottom of the garden. This is circa 50 foot from the house, and internally about 40 foot from the router to the outside wall. The camera is currently running off a WiFi Extender plugged indoors but this keeps dropping out because of the walls having 100mm of Solid Foam Insulation.

    So I am thinking of buying a third-party setup to give me a signal outside, for this I am looking at PoE as I have no issue if I have to run an ethernet cable out the front of the house, into the loft space, to the rear of the house, but I cannot continue it down the garden. I was looking originally at a mesh system but 1) it will interfere with my Sky Q Mesh and 2) the signal would not reach this distance.

    A couple of questions that I have and hopefully you can help me:
    1. If I have a third-party system does this have its own network or can it be the same as my internal (Sky) Broadband network. i.e. if I walk with my iPad from the house to the garden will the network follow me or will it drop out and switch to the new network for the garden.
    2. Any recommendations for a third-party system to do this?

    Sorry if question 1 sounds silly and makes you look to the sky and think “why……..”, I am not very tech savvy.

    Thanks in advance
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    If you bring a lan cable from the router, out to as far out as possible, you can attach this to a wireless access point. You need power for the access point , so perhaps house the access point in a waterproof plastic box on the back wall of house. You can set up its SSID to be the same as the router or different. Either way the iPad will switch to the strongest signal. If it does not it’s easy enough to change manually

    the issue is the foil back on the insulation, it kills WiFi signals.

    for camera, it requires a fair amount of power so PoE is the best option
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    As above I have a Ubiuiti setup, 3 WiFi access points give me coverage across most of the house and fairly large garden. They all go back to my router and all produce the same SSID, so no problem roaming around. The Ubiquiti access points come with a POE injector, that sits where you can get power and a cable back to the router, then you have a single lan cable going to the access point, all fairly simple and easy to setup
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    In the Ubiquiti range is the UniFi FLex HD - designed to be used outdoors with wall or pole mount options. POE powered - and te adapter is supplied. Ideal for this type of requirement.

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