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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Ibrahimaziz02, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Ibrahimaziz02

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    Hi there guys i know this might sound like a silly question. I am a new learner (not qualified yet) and i just want to know the correct procedures on what you should do in an event of a boiler breakdown. For example lets say if the boiler is leaking... Do you Isolate water and gas to the boiler first? or do you have to do the usual let by and tightness test and then the other stuff?
  2. kiaora

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    The first think we do is ask the customer what’s the problem,

    If a leak, you must try to find the leak, it’s alwas At the bottom of the boiler!
    As in the water coming out the bottom..

    But it could be anywhere.

    If you isolate the boiler it will make it difficult to locate the leak.
    We have a saying, the hard bit is finding the leak or fault, the easy bit is fixing it!
    A common fault on some boilers is a leaking auto air vent, but you will learn this sort of stuff when you get hands on, I quite like fixing boilers.

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  3. Ibrahimaziz02

    Ibrahimaziz02 New Member

    Thank you soo much for your reply i really do appreciate it!
  4. JustPhil

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    As a diy’er on here I’m more usually at the customer end of a plumber.

    Kiaora’s first point is a good one. Talk to the customer. Spend a good few minutes asking them about the problem, what they’ve done, what’s happened in the past. Whether you fix it or not, if you listen to the customer they will trust you and give you the time to work out the rest.
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  5. Peter208

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    All I will say about boiler cover breakdown is, expect a terrible service from NPower and you won't be disappointed.
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  6. The Teach

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    get payment in advance,well enough to cover your callout fee ;)
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  7. Giz-@-job

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    Always do basic checks first then work your way round and dont assume anything . you need lots of experiance .
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