Gas hob clearance, worktop choice and gas safety

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Jacopo, Dec 6, 2021.

  1. Jacopo

    Jacopo Member

    I'm in the process of ordering a new kitchen and I have already bought a gas hob;I need to choose the worktp height (between 20mm and 30mm)
    The manual states that "you must have a minimum gap of 25mm and a maximum gap of 74mm between the underside of the appliance and any surface below it".

    The picture shows that the hob will protrude 45mm below the bottom surface of the worktop (or top surface of the cabinet)

    I want to have a base unit with a top cutlery drawer below the hob, so I went to the showroom and measured the distance between the bottom of the worktop and the top of the drawer, it's about 45mm

    So in theory, the drawer will be able to open even with a 20mm worktop; there will be 20mm gap between the hob and the side panels of the drawer, but a lot more air gap between hob and the cutlery
    From the picture in the manual (attached), it looks like it assumes there is a flat surface below it, but what if there is a drawer? There still needs to be 25mm between the hob and any object below?

    What do gas regulations say about this?

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  2. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    The manual will assume a solid flat surface below, the cutlery draw should allow the required space below the hob, just be aware of the space needed for the gas supply and any electrical supply for ignition.
  3. Jacopo

    Jacopo Member

    Ok, I was just on the phone with gas safety register and they said as far as the clearance below you just need to follow the manufacturer manual

    If I choose the 20mm worktop I will have 20mm instead of the required 25mm stated in the manual to the top of the drawer, but a lot of air in the middle
    Will the gas engineer approve that?
  4. Greentram

    Greentram Member

    Will the hob gas connection clear the drawer?
  5. Jacopo

    Jacopo Member

  6. Mike83

    Mike83 Screwfix Select

    The only way to maintain that gap is to fit something in place.
    I’ve seen it done with acrylic and metal splashback.
    If it’s just cutlery is would be fine. But someone could easily put dish towels in the drawer and they would touch the hob.
  7. Dan dan the man

    Dan dan the man Active Member

    Its a gas hob….there will be next zero heat sent downwards….induction /ceramic hobs are different.

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