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    Dear All,

    I have a gas hob fitted (above an electric oven) that is currently connected using a bayonet cooker hose. However, I’ve been told by a plumber that came to do a safety check on the hob/boiler that it should be connected using a rigid pipe. I understand this to be the case unless the manufacturer’s instructions state otherwise. The hob is an Indesit P 640 A GB and the instructions say:

    &#147;<u>GAS CONNECTION TO FLEXIBLE STEEL PIPE</u>: The gas feed connector to the appliance is a threaded, male 1/2" connector for round gas pipe. Only use pipes, tubes and gaskets that comply with current safety codes. The maximum length of the flexible pipes must not exceed 2000 mm. Once the connection has been made, ensure that the flexible metal tube does not touch any moving parts and is not crushed.&#148;

    Does this mean that a flexible pipe could be used? My plumber seems very reliable and has seen the job and manufacturers instructions so is no doubt correct. He says that the instructions are probably referring to copper pipe which can be reasonably flexible rather than a bayonet cooker hose. I've already asked him to come tomorrow to fit the rigid pipe as its better to be safe than sorry, but I just thought I&#146;d ask out of interest more than anything else.

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    The flexible steel pipe referred to is probably the type widely used elsewhere in Europe which is basically like Trac-pipe. I believe that our regulations now allow a rubber coated flexible connector of the type you have, although this might be subject to conditions, such as not coming in contact with the hot oven beneath!
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    Only use pipes, tubes and gaskets that comply with current safety codes.

    This the statement that is the important one here. The manufacturer is saying that its instructions should take second place to the general safety instructions in the country that the hob is being used in. In Britain that means a rigid connection for a gas hob especially where it is above an oven. Flexible gas connections are generally reserved for freestanding cookers.
  4. Easy Life

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    if the oven has a CE mark then it should be fine as it would be heat rated for the hose.the hose is rated at 70 degrees

    after all built-in gas ovens have the same hose
    and they are fitted in wooded units - never no problems with heat there

    we as a company only fit hobs using 15mm pipe with a gas cock with built-in test nipple (supply pipe b4 gas cock may be bigger ie 22 mm pipe)

    we dont use the 8mm pipe or rubber coated metal hoses
    nore do we use tracpipe to connect cookers (tracpipe advise not to use it for connecting cookers)

    TGS where you state "In Britain that means a rigid connection for a gas hob especially where it is above an oven. " what book are you reading? can you give me a title and page number so i can see for myself cos its not in any of our books

    i just logged into the Corgi web site thought i would let them answer the question. done a copy and paste from it

    Q: Can a fixed hob be installed using a flexible hose?

    A: Fixed domestic hobs may be installed using a flexible hose. The hob should be installed in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions and BS 6172. The flexible hose to a natural gas supply should be manufactured to BS 669, Part 1. Similarly, LPG flexible hoses should also be manufactured to BS 669, Part 1(this may be identified with either a red band or a stripe). The hose must not be subject to temperatures above 70ºC, and should be positioned such that it will not suffer mechanical damage - i.e., abrasion from the surrounding kitchen furniture, which may be moved in use, such as a drawer or door.


    MOONSHINE New Member

    So you need to weigh up the cost. uncontrollable electric hob that takes time to heat up or a gas hob instant contol & instant heat. I think LPG can be a little more expensive on some sites where they rely on this for central heating & the cooker too. But your only running a hob. So could work out cheaper in the long run. Wish I had a gas oven, who wants to wait 20mins to heat up?

    MOONSHINE New Member Bosch pc12c gas hob, with conversion kit. £119.01
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    TGS where you state

    Abosultely right Easy Life, I missed out the vital word "usually" and the "In Britain" was superfluous so the combination produced a meaning that I never intended.

    With regard to your reply from Corgi the key part is the last part since it puts the responsibility squarely on the installer. In each circumstance, for each combination of hobs/ovens/cabinet, they must insure that that condition is kept.

    Question: Given that the hose from the hob is in a small, poorly ventilated space directly above a powerful heat source and directly below another heat source, does the fact that the oven is CE marked give you the confidence to say that the last part MUST be adhered to?

    I think your company policy is very sensible and pragmatic in the circumstances.
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    I did a landlords gas safety check yesterday and found a tap flexi hose connecting the gas pipe to the hob,there was also no gas valve on the pipe.This had never been pointed out before on previous certificates,probably because nobody could be bothered to remove the oven under the hob.I charged £100 to rectify this and give the certificate.
  9. Easy Life

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    TGS in answer to your question

    We always use copper pipe. however in Law if the appliances were CE marked and you install as makers instructions you as an installer would be doing nothing wrong.

    We as a company install gas hobs everyday, one i went to about a month ago, had a gate valve on it rather than a gas cock, the owner said it had been like that when they moved in over 20 years ago, we also get a lot of tap cons as well. that reminds me i have to do some Riddors for some jobs last week, open ended pipes etc


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