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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by britishblue, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    Lit the gas hob today and all burners were burning with an unusual colour. They normally burn blue, but today they burned blue fringed with orange. Does this mean that the gas supply has been contaminated or is it something more sinister?

  2. sounds like the BG ad!!!! lol

    sounds like caintainmited gas supply... could try leaving on full for 5-10 mins, see it it burns off...

    Dont phone transco tho, they'll just turn it off!
  3. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    Thanks Spike

  4. plumb man

    plumb man New Member

    The orange tint means that the flame is not being aerated enough causing it to look for extra oxygen. The probable cause is that some of the burners may have become blocked and just needs cleaning. remember the bunsen burner.
  5. i thought that, but why all of a sudden, and all the burners!

    would be worth giving them a clean too!
  6. plumb man

    plumb man New Member

    could be a blockage further back in the gas supply to the burners, should probably have a corgi man give it a look over
  7. mrj

    mrj New Member

    Have you used a cleaning spray in or near the cooker. A lot of these cause the flame to burn funny colours. 'Mr Muscle' is, in my experiance, famous for coloured flames upto an hour or more after its use.

  8. Easy Life

    Easy Life Member

    i failed one like this last week on a CP12

    it was the meter regulator (it was only giving a working pressure of 14mbars)

    when i took a gas rate check on the hob it was only using 2/3s of the gas as per the data plate

    i turned the gas off via the ECV and left it to Transco to replace the regulator

    after Transco had installed a new regulator
    when i went back to redo the CP12 & it passed

  9. dooper

    dooper New Member

    If the burner pressure/gas rate is ok and the burners are clean,it is most likely a contaminant in the gas supply. In winter big volumes of Monoethylene glycol are sprayed into mains as a means of leakage control. Sometimes it reaches your appliances and burns with the gas,often giving a smell like paraffin. Also the same effect is sometimes caused by airbourne substances in the house like paint thinners or other chemicals. It usually burns off with a bit of use.
  10. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    Thanks for all your replies.


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