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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Jack001, Nov 19, 2021.

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    Evening all,

    Just had a gas hob installed and when the plumber was doing the gas test on the metre outside he said there was a leak due to the pressure dropping so quick, he used a spray found the leak on a joint, tightened it up and did another test.

    On the new test, i watched as he was doing it on a digital tester, it started at 21.05 (psi or pi) can’t remember what it said on the screen, and through the minute test he did dropped down to 20.67, i said does that mean there is still a leak as its dropping and he said no that small drop over a minute test is fine.

    So i’m just wanting a second opinion as i don’t know if he’s just pulling the wool over my eyes as i obviously done know, he mentioned it can drop by 6 on the screen which won’t go down to 15 and still be fine and mentioned you can only see it moving down as it’s a digital machine and an old type one with the liquid inside you won’t even notice it moving.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. dcox

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    The test should be for 2 minutes after letting it stabilise for a minute. It’s true that less than half a millibar change of pressure would be difficult to see on a traditional manometer and that a small drop like that is permissible.
  3. exbg

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    In most domestic situations, the permissible drop is either 4mb or8mb, depending on meter type. That drop is measured over 2 minutes, and completed after a let by tear and stabilisation period.

    So, although his statement is factually wrong, there is no problem with that tiny escape. That assumes tat he tested BEFORE starting, and the escape has not increased.

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