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    Apologies if this is in the wrong thread but I'll try my luck!

    I found out recently I had a gas leak so I called a guy after the gas was stopped to get this fixed. I came home from work and he's sawing through the oven connection pipe to the gas meter outside the house, I know nothing about gas engineering so I took him at his word when he told me this needed to be done, I trust him he's a fair man.

    He got my central heating back on and advised me that I need a new gas oven pipe from the meter to the house.

    I took this opportunity to upgrade a very old oven that was in the property when I purchased it. I have swapped from a standard gas oven (which was awful!) To a rangemaster 110.

    The gas engineer is coming out soon to connect me up but the connectors from the wall to the new oven look different to my old oven.

    Pictures - old connector
    (Blue glove hand picture) new connector which us a bayonet connection (?)

    So my question is that because the gas bayonet on the new oven won't fit the brass connector on the wall, what do I need to buy to get my oven working?

    *my gas guy does my work as a favour so I always try to buy everything I need, but due to the world cup he's not forthcoming on responses and I want the equipment here for when he comes to fit the oven!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    It does have the hose on the rangemaster yes
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    That's good then.
    Tell your gas fitter to read the installation instructions for the Rangemaster. The positioning of the wall plate/bayonet i linked to is very important, the fitting instructions clearly show where on the wall behind the cooker this needs to be.
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    Thank you very much I really appreciate your response

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