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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by geoffbss, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. geoffbss

    geoffbss New Member

    Advice please. Gas supply to meter was originally on outside wall via plastic pipe installed when houses originally built. Porch installed approx 13 years ago so this is now enclosed. Many years ago the meter was replaced and upgraded with no problems. Every year since when boiler and gas fire serviced it was noted that this was enclosed but not flagged for any action as it was simply a porch.In fact a couple of engineers actually rang their office for clarification. Have now received letter from utility supplier saying they want to come and inspect. As it happens on our small estate, there are approx 15 houses in this situation although strangely some are a mixture of metal and plastic pipework
    Would appreciate advice on best course of action / options. Thanks
  2. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    let them inspect. plenty of houses have an internal gas meter.
  3. geoffbss

    geoffbss New Member

    isn't it more the fact that it's a plastic supply internally but they would want meter to be mounted on an external wall?
  4. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Screwfix Select

    I had my gas meter moved a few years back from the detached garage to a cupboard under the stairs. From where the pipe comes through the wall its a threaded steel pipe, so expect they want to look to see if the plastic pipe is still OK (porch which is well ventilated) or if its truly internal in which case they may need to change it for metal.
  5. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    The plastic supply pipe is suitable only for below ground, it must change to a metallic pipe before it leaves the ground. Reason, the plastic pipe will melt in a fire releasing more gas to fuel the fire.
  6. geoffbss

    geoffbss New Member

  7. geoffbss

    geoffbss New Member

    If they were to now class the meter as internal and the pipe has to be replaced , would the meter be left in the existing position or could they insist it was resited on the outer wall?
  8. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    Yes, what is the point you wish to amplify in this post?
  9. geoffbss

    geoffbss New Member

    Initial point was that it has been inspected at least annually for the last 12 years with no issues but I know regs may have changed. I just really want to be sure of my options ( if I have any ) when they come to inspect, so to be specific:

    1) Could the internal plastic pipework ( which is only approx 18" in length ) be replaced or sleeved with metal to preserve the position of the meter and still comply? I know this would still be in a porch area that they may class as internal but there are internal meters with metal sleeves so why would they insist that this need to be moved externally other than for convenience ? There is no restriction to the meter in its current position should they need access.

    2) I prefer not to have a new box on the front exterior of the house.From what I can find out, they only offer a standard box which is the cheapest option and no option to fit a recess box.

    I appreciate it's all about what the engineer says but thanks for everyone's input
  10. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    What about a half buried box?
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  11. geoffbss

    geoffbss New Member

    Had only really considered a recessed wall mounted one as being the best option if they insist it has to be moved, but thanks for your advice, I'll check it out as this could be a good option.

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